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    Default Ipad 2 Smart Case, Smart Cover, Back Cover, MIRIP ORIGINAL!! for Ipad2 MURAH!!!

    APPLE IPAD 2 Casing Accessories


    *available color: BLACK, GRAY, PINK, BLUE, ORANGE

    Harga: 220rb(Harga Promo dr 250rb) <-- FREE SHIPPING

    Product Feature:

    • Made of quality synthetic material
    • Access to all ports and switches
    • Thin and light weight
    • Supports the smart cover functions (Sleep/Wake)


    *available color: BLACK, GRAY, PINK, BLUE RED

    Harga: 220rb <-- FREE SHIPPING

    Product Feature:

    • Material: Polyurethane
    • Compatible With: Apple iPad 2 ONLY
    • Smart design for protecting your iPad 2 from scratches, dust or damage
    • Wake your iPad 2 or put it to sleep just by opening or closing the smartcase
    • Can fold into triangle to support for iPad 2
    • Magnetically aligns, durable and compact
    • Fit your Apple iPad 2 perfectly
    • Slim, lightweight & easy to use
    • Bertulisan designed by apple in california assembled in china


    *available color: BLACK, GRAY, PINK, BLUE

    Harga: 150rb

    Product Feature:

    • Designed to fit Ipad 2 with SMART COVER
    • Designed to fit the contour of iPad 2 precisely.
    • Ultra slim and custom-fit with open face design for easy operation.
    • Can protect your iPad 2 from scratches, bumps, strike and dirt.
    • Easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without removing the case.
    • Comes with cutouts for camera, charger, slots, etc.
    • Easy to install and convenient to remove.


    *available color: BLACK, GRAY, PINK, BLUE, ORANGE

    Harga: 220rb <--- FREE SHIPPING

    Product Feature:

    • Built-in magnets draw the Smart Cover to iPad for a perfect fit
    • Automatically wakes up iPad 2 on open and sleeps on close
    • Easily folds into a perfect stand for facetime, watching movie or typing
    • Polyurethane leather exterior allows easy cleaning, doesn't attract dust
    • Soft micro fiber interior lining prevents iPad screen from scratch
    • Back mate case features anti-slip surface, worry less about slipping iPad off your hands
    • Full accesses to all functions and ports

    How To Order:

    SMS Format:
    Pesan: Smart Cover X
    Jumlah Pesanan: 1

    SMS Ke: 08194277767

    * BB PIN is available upon Request



    *Resellers are welcome to request special price list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jualanmic View Post
    thanks gan, barang sudah sampai dengan selamat
    sempet kawatir juga karena no resi gak bisa di trace (pake tiki)
    mungkin bisa di pertimbangkan beralih ke jne yang mudah di trace
    jadi pembeli gak 'rewel' seperti ane yang bentar2 sms :d

    untuk kwalitas smart case bagus :) ane suka karena bisa full body

    Quote Originally Posted by mosess78 View Post
    barusan terima kiriman lagi buat back case yg 0.9m grey..
    Thx ya gan

    Quote Originally Posted by Entoed View Post
    Wahhh my fav seller neh jualan lagi :2thumbup

    Ini mah seller paling TOP dah sekaskus yg pernah ane temuin


    Jangan pernah ragu deh kalo mau beli dari agan satu ini, superfast shipment, sms/bbm juga enak dan cepet! Harga juga salah satu paling murah yg pernah ane dapatin :malu

    Sukses ya bro :beer:

    Quote Originally Posted by mosess78 View Post
    gan barang nya da diterima..
    mantap barang nya..
    Quote Originally Posted by samueleonardo View Post
    back case ipad 2 warna abu2 udah sampe pak boss, cepet juga ya broo dari makassar ke jakarta hehe klop bgtt gan sama ipad anee


    pokonya buat agan2 jgn ragu deeh pesen ama bro yg satu inii, udah ramah barang yg dikirim memuaskan deh pokonyaa! Agan ini udah top daah dibilang :recsel:recsel:recsel:recsel:recsel
    Quote Originally Posted by rubygunawan View Post
    gan mau kasih testi nih
    ruby ady gunawan jogja
    tiara pingky rey pekan baru
    barang nya sudah sampai dengan selamat
    bener bener rekomendet seller lah
    walau sempat terjadi keterlambatan darinpihak tiki,agan satu ini tetap sabar
    thx bro buat case nya.
    Quote Originally Posted by score197 View Post

    back covernya udh dateng gan,,
    jauh2 dari makasar sampe juga ke jakarta tuh paket,,

    kirain bakal nyasar !,,

    thx gan !,,


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