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    Default Wah pada siap-siap ngantri di SIN

    Selisih harga di JKT dgn SIN bisa dipake ongkos jalan2 ke SIN neh...
    Tapi klo udah ngantri nggak dapet barangnya bgmn?

    Order or chaos? Queue for iPad starts tomorrow

    By Kenny Chee

    APPLE fans in Singapore are counting down to the launch of the iPad, the tech giant's coveted tablet.

    Civil servant Chen Yiren, 26, is depending on a friend to get him an iPad at Parkway Parade tomorrow morning, when the tablet is launched officially.

    "I've got a meeting so I can't go down to queue for it," said an aggrieved Mr Chen, adding that he was worried the device would be sold out after tomorrow.

    Electronic stores expect crowds at 10am tomorrow when the tablet goes on sale.

    EpiCentre said it has hired more part-timers to manage the anticipated queues. It is also stocking up on iPad accessories, such as iPad cases.

    Challenger said it has briefed its staff on crowd and queue control. And it will run at full retail-staff strength, too.

    An Apple retailer, which declined to be named, said it has received an average of 10 to 15 enquiries an hour about the iPad - a lot more than usual - since the tablet's launch date was announced on Monday.

    The top question was whether the iPad could be reserved, said the retailer.

    Unfortunately, the answer to that query is no, said the store's representative. "It's on a first-come, first-served basis. No presales are allowed, unless Apple gives the go-ahead."

    Ms Melissa Chau, market analyst with research firm IDC Asia-Pacific, said that since Apple's iPhone 3G launch, Singaporeans have shown that they are "more than willing to put down money for Apple products".

    "The iPad should be no exception," she added.

    Yesterday, telcos here also announced monthly and prepaid data plans to be used with the iPad for Internet browsing.

    M1's prepaid plan costs $20 and comes with 1GB of free data for 30 days. StarHub's prepaid plan costs $32 for 60 days of free 2GB data, while SingTel's plan comes with three days of unlimited usage, with a one-time registration fee of $12.60.

    Top-ups are available on a data- basis for M1 and StarHub, and on a day-basis for SingTel.

    Would the queues for iPads be manageable? Send your comments to

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    Nimbrung ngobrol: kalau sekarang2 coba beli...pasti susah, karena semua sdh taking order sejak berbulan2 yg lalu. Tunggu beberapa bulan, sampai normal :001_tongue:

    Atau beli di Sim Lim, dulu saya beli 64G, wifi/3G ..SIN$ 1,400, skr pasti sdh turun jadi 1,300 an...krn harga remi nya kan 1,200...

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    wahhh... kabar bagus nih :D
    tapi berapa ya inventory nya? ntar kehabisan, trus dikirim dari pusatnya lama lagi.. haiyaaahh..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mavericks View Post
    Nimbrung ngobrol: kalau sekarang2 coba beli...pasti susah, karena semua sdh taking order sejak berbulan2 yg lalu. Tunggu beberapa bulan, sampai normal :001_tongue:

    Atau beli di Sim Lim, dulu saya beli 64G, wifi/3G ..SIN$ 1,400, skr pasti sdh turun jadi 1,300 an...krn harga remi nya kan 1,200...
    Kalo diperhatikan posting sebelumnya berikut ada yg disisakan buat dijual langsung besok ... tapi seberapa banyak? ... kecuali ada kenalan yg mo ngantrin ... kalo dapet baru dijemput sambari jalan2... cheers

    Quote Originally Posted by jalansore View Post

    Friday's iPad launch: 10 things you must know beforehand
    If you're dying to buy an iPad on Friday, here is your iMerlion cut and keep guide, based on a few phone calls and some walking around:

    Where to buy

    1. It is only being sold at 30 Apple retailers in Singapore. The full list is here:

    2. EpiCentre outlets are not taking reservations anymore.

    3. iStudio outlets are taking reservations, if you can call it that. You have to pay in advance and pick up your set on Friday.

    4. Challenger stores are not taking reservations.

    5. Multimedia Integrated in Funan The Digitalife Mall is not taking reservations.

    6. The shops have not gotten their stock yet so no one, except for Apple, knows how many sets will be available at each outlet.

    7. I've heard that not all outlets will carry the full range. That may or may not be true. However, given that there are six models, you might want to pick a big store in case the model you want is not available or sold out. That means it probably makes more sense to go to the Challenger outlet at Funan than the one at Tiong Bahru Plaza.

    8. The following malls have more than one iPad reseller: Parkway Parade (three stores), Funan Digitalife Mall (two stores), VivoCity (two stores), IMM (two stores).

    9. Apple is not currently selling the iPads at the online Singapore Apple Store. (I've asked if they will and I will update if I hear anything).

    10. The iPad will not be officially available at Sim Lim Square or Mustafa Centre!

    A note on iPad prices

    Apple has not officially released prices. The retailers are keeping mum but the prices announced last night look pretty solid.

    Good hunting!

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    Default store di sing kehabisan ipad suruh tunggu 2-3 minggu lagi. sadis....:D

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    Default iPads already selling out within an hour of launch

    iPads already selling out within an hour of launch

    At the end of the 50-deep queue at Multimedia Integrated at Funan Digitalife Mall.

    If you haven't gotten your iPad yet, you might have to wait awhile. Reports are coming in that iPads are selling out around the city. I can personally confirm that the Challenger store in Funan has sold out. I've also heard from reliable sources that Challenger and Best Denki at IMM have been cleaned out.

    On Twitter, I've seen reports, but have not verified that outlets at Bishan and Great World City are out of iPads.

    When I was at Challenger at 10.45am, the sales person told me that they managed to sell over 100 iPads in the 45 minutes they were open. One floor down, there was a queue of about 50 people waiting outside Multimedia Integrated and a sales person there told me they had already processed about 40 people.

    Looks like another home run for Apple in Singapore.

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    Default Cheers and jeers for Apple at iPad's second Asia launch

    Cheers and jeers for Apple at iPad's second Asia launch

    By Philip Lim (AFP) 1 hour ago

    SINGAPORE Eager iPad fans in Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand braved long queues and discomfort to get their hands on the coveted Apple device as its second wave of Asia-Pacific launches began Friday.

    A 20-year-old New Zealander set up camp outside an Apple seller in Auckland two days before the launch, while other buyers in the region started their vigil in the wee hours of Friday.

    Japan and Australia were the first Asia-Pacific markets to receive the iPad, getting it in late May along with several European countries.

    Consumers in other Asian markets who could not wait for the release ordered iPads from abroad or bought them through unofficial local resellers.

    But this did nothing to dent enthusiasm at Friday's debut at an Apple store in the Wheelock Place mall on Singapore's fashionable Orchard Road.

    Housewife Carol Kwang, who was in pole position to clinch two units of the priciest model -- the 64 gigabyte unit with Wi Fi and 3G mobile capability -- said the purchase was a treat for herself and her daughter.

    "My daughter said if you don't come, I'll skip school and come buy!" she told AFP after queuing from 6:00 am, four hours before the shop opened.

    Prices ranged from 728 Singapore dollars (530 US) for the cheapest model with 16 gigabytes of memory and Wi Fi only, to 1,228 dollars (894 US) each for the Kwang family's new toys.

    South Korean student Han Szung Yong, 25, who was third in line at Wheelock Place, interrupted his holiday in neighbouring Malaysia to get to the iPad launch in Singapore.

    "I tried to get the iPad in USA and Australia before but I couldn't get it, so that's the reason I came here to get it," he said.

    In Hong Kong's busy Causeway Bay shopping district, a line of more than 100 eager shoppers trailed from a ninth floor Apple store down a humid stairwell, with latecomers fanning themselves as they waited.

    Eugene Wong said he did not mind waiting at least an hour to get his hands on the device.

    "I think it's great -- lots of my friends really like it too. I wanted a device with fast speed," he enthused.

    Johnny Ma, a 42-year-old energy saving consultant, and his girlfriend walked happily out of the packed shop.

    "This is a special day too because it's my girlfriend's birthday, so we both got one," Ma told AFP.

    In Singapore, buyers formed snaking queues of 50 to 100 in front of three retailers selling the device along Orchard Road.

    For some New Zealand customers, the launch was marred by the extreme secrecy surrounding the tablet's release.

    They were turned off by Apple's refusal to announce in advance where the device would be sold in the country, which meant only the most fanatical of buyers were prepared to queue.

    Public relations consultant Michael Tull told Stuff website that there was "a level of arrogance" about the launch.

    "Apple produce good products but one wonders if they need to contrive quite so much hype," he said.

    Computer malls in Singapore and Hong Kong as well as Kiwi online auction sites have been carrying iPads ever since its US launch three months ago, with shops charging exorbitant prices well above those in the United States.

    The device first went on sale in the United States on April 3 before being released nearly two months later in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland.

    Friday's wave of official releases also includes Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico and the Netherlands.

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